The Power of Kindness

Over the weekend someone posted this story on a chat as soon as the speaker said the name, I realized it was a story about one of my parents friends! Just when I thought I couldn’t find anything for a blog post, one was dropped into my lap – literally! It’s on the longer side, but worth the read!

This man, we’ll call him Sam, arrived overseas with his father for a business trip. Normally they had a driver to take them around but for some reason they got a regular taxi instead. When they got to their hotel, they realize that Sam’s father left his luggage in the taxi. Instead of panicking, they figured they would wait to see if it gets returned.a-taxi-at-tallinn-airport-open-trunk-jaak-nilson.jpg

A few hours later, he was speaking to his brother in law who was in the army there. His brother in law asked him if his father left his suitcase in a taxi. Sam told him that actually, he did! How did his brother in law know? He told him that the taxi driver was a family member of a guy in his unit! Then he relayed the following story.

The driver was driving someone else to the airport and when he  opened the trunk to put in his luggage, he saw that there was another suitcase in there. The passenger saw the name on the suitcase and was amazed! This suitcase belonged to a man named Herschel Schachter, who was a great Rabbi in America and happened to be Sam’s father!

After the taxi driver dropped off the passenger, he called his family member in the army asking how he could find this man. This man in the army told Sam’s brother in law, and he called to tell him what happened. The taxi driver then got the address and drove to the hotel to drop off the suitcase.

If the story would end here, this alone would be an amazing feat! bankingmoney.jpg

Sam’s father gave him $100.00 to give to the driver to show their appreciation. Sam went downstairs to go thank the driver and give him the money. But when he tried to give the driver the money, he refused to take it. He said he just wants one minute with the Rabbi. So Sam’s father came downstairs to meet the driver.

The taxi driver began bawling to the Rabbi. He told him that him and his wife have been married for 14 year but have not been blessed with a child and asked if he could have a blessing. Sam’s father was crying along with him and then told him that within the next year they’ll be blessed with a child.

praying-man.jpgWhen they went back upstairs Sam got very upset. He asked his father how on earth he could promise such a thing? How could he decide if God will give them a child? His father very calmly told him that they’re going to pray for him. End of conversation.

A year later, Sam and his father were in Baltimore for a holiday. During the celebration, Sam saw a man trying to get his father’s attention but the man kept walking away whenever he got close. Sam asked the man if he wants him to relay a message to his father for him and the man said yes.


He explained that he was just overseas and his taxi driver, noticing that he spoke English, asked if he knew Herschel Schachter. The driver got very emotional and asked if he could let the Rabbi know that him and his wife just had a baby boy. Sam was shocked.

He went over to his father and asked him if he remembered him and if he did, indeed, pray for him. His father responded emotionally, that he did remember him. And he prayed for him every day, three times a day.

Through the combination of a simple good deed and prayer, this man merited a child. We never know how far our actions will take us or what will happen because of them.

If you have an example of how a good deed turned into something greater, I would love to hear it in the comments!

Every time you do a good deed you shine the light a little further into the dark. And the thing is, when you’re gone that light is going to keep shining on, pushing the shadows back. -Charled de Lint


2 thoughts on “The Power of Kindness

  1. The most common good deed is the paying of someone else’s. I have been in a terrible mood waiting for my coffee to learn the person if front of you has paid for it, take about a spirit lifter. Then of course I pay it forward and hope that in some small way I have improved the day of the person behind me and so on and so on!

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    1. I love that! Especially because it’s such a simple thing that we can integrate into our everyday lives. Like you said, a simple kind action could be someone else’s spirit lifter. Even just a smile, holding the door, or telling someone thank you and genuinely mean it. It makes me look at the world and at humanity in a whole new light 🙂


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