Oh that voice. That annoying, monotone voice that very politely tells you that you’ve messed up. No one wants to hear it. No one wants to hear that they’re headed in the wrong direction and now they need to be put back on track. It’s just one of those “ugh” feelings. gps

Obviously I’m referring to a GPS but you may have found yourself thinking about other life circumstances that may have caused that same situation.

A GPS is used to guide us in the right direction and we rely on it to take us on the correct path, even after we miss an exit or a turn. We always have the option to ignore it and go off route, but it will always find us a different way to get us to our destination.

In life, there are probably many times where you’ve thought,

“This is it. I can’t do this anymore. I’m done.”


It’s in times like these where it may seem like you’ve gone so far off course that there’s no turning back, like it’s the worst moment of your life. Whether bad things keep happening, you keep making the wrong decisions, or you just feel like you can’t handle all the challenges life has thrown at you, in the moment it may seem like the end. But somehow, you get back on track. Somehow you take another step forward. And then another. Until you don’t even remember that feeling anymore.

These are life’s “re-calculating” moments. Sometimes we just need to get lost in order to get back on the right path. It’s in these moments that we stop to look where we are. When everything is great, we don’t make any adjustments, that’s why sometimes we need some re-direction.

Every person has their own “GPS” to help them accomplish this. Something or someone that helps them get back and stay on course and get to where they need to go, in order for them to accomplish their goals and fulfill their life’s purpose. This is what keeps us going.

So next time you hear that annoying “re-calculating” voice, just stop to think that maybe you aren’t totally lost, you’re just being guided in the right direction.


The world is round, and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning. -Ivy Baker

I would love to hear any of your “re-calculating” moments in the comments below 🙂


3 thoughts on “Re-calculating…

  1. Great post! I have found that in my moments of recalculating, I feel frustrated and like I want to give up, but afterwards I realize the moment was needed. Life’s not about having it all figured out, it’s about figuring it out. Being lost for me is often a turning point for me to reassess and re-examine things.

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    1. I think that that’s probably the hardest part about those recalculating moments. Since they normally happen when we are at our lowest they often leave us with a feeling of frustration so I can definitely relate to that. You couldn’t be more spot on when you mentioned figuring out life. Those times when we gotta figure stuff out on our own are what build our character and make us who we are today 🙂


  2. This is a great post, I like how you compare the two. I agree with you, when we are trying to figure out life, that’s what builds our character and makes us who we are. Not everything always goes as planned, and its the tough decisions if life that we have to recalculate!

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