How Accidents Changed The World

We know that nothing in this world is an accident right? As I’ve been saying, everything has a purpose! Instead of writing a story or a deep insight into this, I figured I would go practical! Here are 10 things that wouldn’t exist today if not for an accident!

  1. Coca-Cola: 

This is probably the most commonly known one today, but Coca-Cola was                  originally intended to be a medication. This is why the original Coke included cocaine on its list of ingredients!coke_305006

     2.  Saccharine (artificial sweetener):


In 1879, chemist Constantine Fahlberg was working in the lab one day and forgot to wash his hands when he came home. While he was eating, he noticed that everything he put in his mouth had a sweet taste and realized that two of the chemicals left on his hands were the cause of it!




    3. Penicillin

Sir Alexander Fleming was trying to create a “wonder drug” that could cure diseases. He came back to the lab the next day to find that all of his Petri dishes were contaminated with bacteria. (His lab was in a hospital and the hospitals were quite dirty back then.) When he came across one dish that contained mold, he noticed that the bacteria was dissolving around the mold and whatever was under the mold did not have the bacteria. When he grew the mold by itself, he learned that it contained a powerful antibiotic, penicillin. penicillin.png

    4. Sticky Notes

Spencer Silver at 3M Laboratories, was trying to create a strong adhesive. While working, he created an adhesive that was weaker than what already existed, but could be pulled off easily without leaving any marks. Years later, a colleague spread the adhesive on little pieces of paper to mark his place in a book and sticky notes were born!wall_covered_with_sticky_notes-100693853-large.jpg

    5. Ink-Jet Printers

A Canon engineer accidentally rested a hot iron on his pen and shortly after, the ink from the pen was ejected. This theory caused the Ink-Jet printer to be created!images.jpeg

    6. The Pacemaker

John Hopps was an electrical engineer who was conducting research on hypothermia. He was trying to use radio frequency heating to restore body temperature. During his experiment, he realized if a heart stops beating due to cooling, it could be started again by an artificial stimulation. This lead to the pacemaker!pacemaker.jpg

   7. Potato Chips

In 1853, George Crum, a chef at the Carey Moon Lake House, was making a plate of fried potato for a customer. The customer sent his plate back many times complaining they were too thick and not fried enough. George Crum got mad and fed up and sliced the potatoes super super thin and fried them until they were as hard as a rock! The chef was surprised when the customer loved them and wanted more! 19955190-407805769jpg.jpg

   8. Velcro

George de Mestral, a Swiss engineer was on a hunting trip with his dog when burrs kept getting stuck to its fur. He managed to replicate this effect in his lab and create Velcro. But it wasn’t until NASA that this technology became popular. Hook-and-Loop.jpg

   9. The Microwave

Percy Spencer was conducting a radar-related research project with a new vacuum tube. He realized that during his experiments, his candy bar would start to melt in his pocket! He put popcorn in the machine to test it and it started to pop! After this he knew this device was revolutionary! 08_Microwave_OTR_ME18H704SFS_R-Perspective-Open_Silver.jpeg

  10. X-Rays

Wilhem Roentgen was an eccentric physicist. He was investigating the properties of cathodic ray tubes. When he shined a light through the tubes, he saw that the fluorescent papers in his lab were illuminated even though his machine had an opaque cover. Thus, the X-Ray was discovered! x-ray-skull-from-right-side.jpg

There’s no such thing as mistakes – only a lack of foresight. -Susan Elizabeth Phillips


When It Really Hits Home

This morning, my beloved great-grandfather, Zaidy Veveh, passed away. Although this is a deeply personal matter, after a lot of tears, I realized this would be a prime example of true Divine Providence.


My great-grandfather lived a long, full and happy life. He merited to see many of his grandchildren get married, and got to meet and spread his joy to many of his great-grandchildren.

We live our lives knowing somewhat that everything and everyone has their purpose in life and that everything happens for a reason. I’ll admit, it’s a lot easier said than done.

When I found out he passed away, I found myself thinking, why now? Why couldn’t he live a few more years? Months? Even days? Why couldn’t I visit him one more time? Zaidy didn’t even get to meet my future husband, or my future children. My future family will never know what a loving, fun great-grandfather he was. They will never be able to know Zaidy.

They will never know what it means for a person to always have a smile on their face, no matter what the circumstance. Or to always have the perfect thing to say to anyone who crosses their path. This was the essence of Zaidy. Why is it fair that my future family won’t get to meet him and love him the same way I did? img_0626.jpg

But then, as I sat in his house with all of my extended family I realized something. My entire family was only supposed to stay until Sunday since they were all here for Passover. Zaidy wanted to make sure all of us were together and that we all got to say goodbye. IMG_2225




img196On top of all of this, continuing the holiday in mourning is hard. Especially for my grandmother, and her two sisters. But really, for all of us. For anyone who even got to meet Zaidy.


A huge light went out as soon as he left this world. A light that can never be replaced. That one word: why? It just keeps popping into my head. But that is exactly what Divine Providence is. There are some things that we just don’t know the reason for. Each and every one of us need to go through our own challenges for our own reasons. Are they easy? No. Do we need to go through them? Yes.

Why did God need to take Zaidy Veveh? Obviously no one lives forever but why today? Why now? The answer? I don’t know. No one knows. But there is clearly a plan and clearly a reason.

What we do know is that he is reunited with his wife, Bubie Sarah, and I know that they are happy and at peace. I also know that he will always be there looking out for me.

l’iluy nishmas Zev ben Shmuel Alter