A Flicker of Light


When I first saw this quote I immediately connected to it. There’s just something so calming about how the author compares the two scenarios. When something bad happens, it seems as though we are swallowed into the darkness. Only to find out that because of that, we get to see a magnificent flicker of light that we wouldn’t have been able to see otherwise.

To this day, there were so many times when I felt I was at a low point. Yet for many of those cases, I have looked back and been grateful for them. Of course there are the ones where I still don’t understand their purpose, but that’s what life is, what Divine Providence is. We don’t always know. Sometimes we don’t get to see the stars. We just have to trust that every second we are alive, no matter what the circumstance, are helping us become the best person we can be. It’s certainly not always easy, but when we work on ourselves to accept this, we will ultimately be happier people because we are the ones who get to see the stars.


Before Alice got to Wonderland, she had to fall pretty hard down a deep hole. -Unknown


The Power of Kindness

Over the weekend someone posted this story on a chat as soon as the speaker said the name, I realized it was a story about one of my parents friends! Just when I thought I couldn’t find anything for a blog post, one was dropped into my lap – literally! It’s on the longer side, but worth the read!

This man, we’ll call him Sam, arrived overseas with his father for a business trip. Normally they had a driver to take them around but for some reason they got a regular taxi instead. When they got to their hotel, they realize that Sam’s father left his luggage in the taxi. Instead of panicking, they figured they would wait to see if it gets returned.a-taxi-at-tallinn-airport-open-trunk-jaak-nilson.jpg

A few hours later, he was speaking to his brother in law who was in the army there. His brother in law asked him if his father left his suitcase in a taxi. Sam told him that actually, he did! How did his brother in law know? He told him that the taxi driver was a family member of a guy in his unit! Then he relayed the following story.

The driver was driving someone else to the airport and when he  opened the trunk to put in his luggage, he saw that there was another suitcase in there. The passenger saw the name on the suitcase and was amazed! This suitcase belonged to a man named Herschel Schachter, who was a great Rabbi in America and happened to be Sam’s father!

After the taxi driver dropped off the passenger, he called his family member in the army asking how he could find this man. This man in the army told Sam’s brother in law, and he called to tell him what happened. The taxi driver then got the address and drove to the hotel to drop off the suitcase.

If the story would end here, this alone would be an amazing feat! bankingmoney.jpg

Sam’s father gave him $100.00 to give to the driver to show their appreciation. Sam went downstairs to go thank the driver and give him the money. But when he tried to give the driver the money, he refused to take it. He said he just wants one minute with the Rabbi. So Sam’s father came downstairs to meet the driver.

The taxi driver began bawling to the Rabbi. He told him that him and his wife have been married for 14 year but have not been blessed with a child and asked if he could have a blessing. Sam’s father was crying along with him and then told him that within the next year they’ll be blessed with a child.

praying-man.jpgWhen they went back upstairs Sam got very upset. He asked his father how on earth he could promise such a thing? How could he decide if God will give them a child? His father very calmly told him that they’re going to pray for him. End of conversation.

A year later, Sam and his father were in Baltimore for a holiday. During the celebration, Sam saw a man trying to get his father’s attention but the man kept walking away whenever he got close. Sam asked the man if he wants him to relay a message to his father for him and the man said yes.


He explained that he was just overseas and his taxi driver, noticing that he spoke English, asked if he knew Herschel Schachter. The driver got very emotional and asked if he could let the Rabbi know that him and his wife just had a baby boy. Sam was shocked.

He went over to his father and asked him if he remembered him and if he did, indeed, pray for him. His father responded emotionally, that he did remember him. And he prayed for him every day, three times a day.

Through the combination of a simple good deed and prayer, this man merited a child. We never know how far our actions will take us or what will happen because of them.

If you have an example of how a good deed turned into something greater, I would love to hear it in the comments!

Every time you do a good deed you shine the light a little further into the dark. And the thing is, when you’re gone that light is going to keep shining on, pushing the shadows back. -Charled de Lint

Something In The Air

I’m sure some of you have heard this story that’s been trending on Twitter recently, but if not, I’ll fill you in!screen-shot-2018-07-09-at-5-24-30-pm.png

Rosey Blair and her boyfriend were flying from New York to Texas. They asked a young woman if she minds switching seats and moving a row up so they could sit together. The young woman didn’t mind at all. The couple made a joke that, “maybe her new seat partner would be the love of her life” and well…

“I thought it would be funny if it was a handsome man, and then – like magic – a handsome man appeared!”

The couple documented them the entire flight and kept everyone updated with pictures and snippets of their conversations.

Apparently, they are both fitness enthusiasts and were talking and smiling at each other before they even left the runway. They got a cheese board to share, talked about their families, (and showed pictures!) talked about marriage, and followed each other on Instagram. Everyone on Twitter who was following the feed was hoping they would fall in love!


The story went viral, and caused the creation of two new hashtags, #PlaneBae and #CatchingFlightsANDFeelings. Even celebrities got involved!

In the end, these newfound friends left the airport together! The woman has chosen not to be identified but the man, Euan Holden, was more than happy to keep the people entertained! So far he’s been on The Today Show, and Good Morning America!



Had the couple not asked the woman to switch seats, these two would have never met! Euan also posted on Twitter, “Sat here thinking about how different the day would of been if I missed my flight.” Who knows, maybe this was the beginning of their life together, all because of a seat change! 🙂

You can read the full story here, or find the actual twitter thread here!

There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need them to change your life or you’re the one that will change theirs. -Angel Flonis Harefa 




Oh that voice. That annoying, monotone voice that very politely tells you that you’ve messed up. No one wants to hear it. No one wants to hear that they’re headed in the wrong direction and now they need to be put back on track. It’s just one of those “ugh” feelings. gps

Obviously I’m referring to a GPS but you may have found yourself thinking about other life circumstances that may have caused that same situation.

A GPS is used to guide us in the right direction and we rely on it to take us on the correct path, even after we miss an exit or a turn. We always have the option to ignore it and go off route, but it will always find us a different way to get us to our destination.

In life, there are probably many times where you’ve thought,

“This is it. I can’t do this anymore. I’m done.”


It’s in times like these where it may seem like you’ve gone so far off course that there’s no turning back, like it’s the worst moment of your life. Whether bad things keep happening, you keep making the wrong decisions, or you just feel like you can’t handle all the challenges life has thrown at you, in the moment it may seem like the end. But somehow, you get back on track. Somehow you take another step forward. And then another. Until you don’t even remember that feeling anymore.

These are life’s “re-calculating” moments. Sometimes we just need to get lost in order to get back on the right path. It’s in these moments that we stop to look where we are. When everything is great, we don’t make any adjustments, that’s why sometimes we need some re-direction.

Every person has their own “GPS” to help them accomplish this. Something or someone that helps them get back and stay on course and get to where they need to go, in order for them to accomplish their goals and fulfill their life’s purpose. This is what keeps us going.

So next time you hear that annoying “re-calculating” voice, just stop to think that maybe you aren’t totally lost, you’re just being guided in the right direction.


The world is round, and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning. -Ivy Baker

I would love to hear any of your “re-calculating” moments in the comments below 🙂

Small Choice, Big Impact

I heard this story recently and was completely blown away by it. It really goes to show how even the smallest choices that we make, and the tiniest details in our lives, are not an accident. There’s a reason for all of them and this story is a prime example.

A man was driving on an intercity route and decided to listen to an inspirational speech to pass the time. While he was listening, he decided to pass the freight truck ahead of him. Just as he began to steer his car around the big truck, he suddenly heard the siren of a police car.

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 5.40.42 PM

Startled as he was, he quickly steered the car back into line behind the truck and slowed down. A second later, another truck came barreling at a high speed in the opposite direction.

If he had gone ahead and tried to pass the truck, he would have been crushed to death between the trucks. This police siren had saved his life.

The man knew that any second now, the police car would pull him over and probably give him a ticket. He looked in his rearview mirror to see where the police car was, but it was nowhere in sight.

Easylovely-Police-Lights-In-Rear-View-Mirror-F11-On-Wow-Image-Selection-with-Police-Lights-In-Rear-View-MirrorThe man was very confused. The siren had sounded loud and clear, and was obviously very close by. Only later did he discover that the siren he had heard was coming from the CD he had been listening to in the car. Twenty years earlier, when the speech was recorded, a police car had passed by just outside the building with its siren wailing. That unintentionally recorded siren had saved his life. These events had been coordinated twenty years in advance!

But that’s not the end. When the man told over this story, he said that when he got into his car that morning, he’d considered for a moment whether to listen to music or the inspirational speech. He realized that music may be more entertaining, but he thought to start his day with some words of wisdom. That small choice he made ended up being a crucial one. Even an old recorded speech literally has the power to save a man from death.

Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you. -John C. Maxwell

Suffering or a Blessing? Part 2

This post is a continuation of my last one. If you want to read it from the beginning, you can find it here.

In Suffering or a Blessing? Part 1, a man had endured every bit of suffering possible in his life. He went to a big Kabbalist to help him understand what was going on. He was in the waiting room when he fell asleep and woke up to everything white around him. There was a white, black and gray train filled with all types of people. When they had passed, he followed them and found a door. Inside there was a giant scale. Then he heard a voice saying this was his own judgement. 

Then he hears this voice say,

“Will all of this man’s good deeds please come forward.”

The huge white train comes out and all of the big, strong men, the good deeds that he fulfilled with intent, thinking, growing, working, and he did them all with total thought, come off the train. Then the scrawny ones came out, the ones that he didn’t have the strongest intent, and he didn’t work as hard for them. The ones that were just a limb, those were the ones that he did without even paying attention. And they start piling on the scale and it starts to move and all of a sudden it hits the floor.

And the man starts cheering! He’s just so happy! He couldn’t even believe how lucky he is!

Then the voice says,

“Will all of this man’s sins please come forward.”

The huge black train comes out and all of the big, strong men, the sins that he did with passion, get on the scale. The weaker ones, the sins that he did but he didn’t really mean them, then the little limbs, all of these start to pile up.

The scale starts to life up, and the man starts to get worried. Then, the scale flips…and the sins are weighing down, and then it hits the floor. The man starts crying and pleading.scale

“Please! No! This can’t be it! Please! I’ll do anything! Just please don’t let this be it!”

And he thinks it’s over…until he hears another voice.

“Will all of this man’s pain and suffering please come forward.”

The gray train pulls up. The big, strong, gray men were the ones where he lost his spouse and his children. A little smaller were the ones where he lost his business, a little smaller he stubbed his toe, even smaller were the ones where he didn’t pick out the right coin from his pocket, etc.

All of these men start piling on the side of his good deeds. And the scale starts tipping again. He keeps yelling for more.


“More of those gray men! More pain! More suffering! Please please give me more of them! Give me the pain! Give me the pain!”

And then he wakes up.

The secretary says to him that The Rashash will now see him. And the man turns to him and says, “Thanks. I’m good.”

As he walks out, he bangs his head and says, “Thank God.”


Anything that we go through in this world has a purpose. Maybe it’s because it takes off any pain and suffering in the next world, or maybe it’s because we needed some sort of lesson. We ask that we don’t go through these tests but if we do, we accept them and we recognize that ultimately, they are for our good.

So that car accident? Yes, it was definitely not fun. But there are times in life where we have to just believe it is all for our benefit and it’ll all work out.

To live is to suffer, to survive is to find the meaning in the suffering. –Friedrich Nietzsche


Suffering or a Blessing? Part 1

Well…I’m not going to lie, I didn’t have anything to write about until this morning…when I got into a car accident…that was my fault.

It wasn’t anything major, no one was hurt and the other car only had a few little scratches. Plus, it was someone I know. And before you jump to conclusions, no, I wasn’t on my phone. I was simply backing out of a parking spot slowly when the other car turned into the parking lot at a normal speed and didn’t honk me so I totally didn’t notice him.


So why is this a good thing?? The simple answer, right now it doesn’t seem like it. But there are no simple answers :).

After this happened, I did beat myself up about it – a lot. It was completely my fault and I should have checked a few more times etc. But then I thought, what if this happened in order for something worse not to? Obviously this amount of suffering was meant to happen to me for some unknown reason, but it could have come in many forms. There are so many worse things in life than a car accident where no one was hurt. Yes, it is going to cost money to fix which is definitely not ideal but it really could have been so much worse.

If any of you watched the video from my post on “Why Bad Things Happen To Good People?” you may remember this story.

There was a man who had so much suffering in his life. His wife died, his kids died, he lost his house, his money, his business and everything he owned. He wanted to know what was going on so he went to a great Kabbalist by the name of The Rashash. He goes into his office, and his right hand man tells him to sit down and The Rashash will see him soon.

Findingthewhitespace.jpgThe moment he sits down, he’s completely out. He looks around him and everything is white. He has no idea what’s going on. Then he hears and sees in the distance what sounds and looks like a train. The train is coming towards him and as it gets closer he sees that it’s a huge white train that has cart after cart filled with these big white men. Some are big and strong and some are scrawny. Some are missing limbs, some are disproportionate, and this train just keeps going and going until it finally passes.

Then, he hears the same noise again. But then he sees a black train filled with the same types of men, just in black. Some are big and strong and some are scrawny, some are missing limbs and some are disproportionate, and then the train passes.railroad-164071_960_720.jpg

And again, he hears the noise. But this time it’s a gray train. And the same exact thing happens. At this point, the man is very confused. So he walks toward where the trains went and he comes to this massive door. He opens it and sees this huge scale and a voice  calls out,

“Welcome to the judgement of _______ the son of _______.”

Since I don’t want this to be too long, you’ll have to read my next blog post to find out the rest :).

Just because we don’t see a reason for evil and suffering doesn’t mean there’s not a reason for it. –Timothy Keller